Sunday, December 16, 2012

where does the  time go.  my sister reminded me its ten years today since her house burn down. ten years wonder if the family's in CT. will feel that way . i can not understand taken someone else life . reading some responses to this . a comet was made about god .  what bothers me is god is no longer allowed in our school but when things happen  we turn to god for comfort. i believe god and country should be brought back  to schools. i stopping here with  this. i heart is breaking for the family's. on to guilty stuff I've been putting alone on projects i made owl pincushions. and finished a little Halloween quilt. then jumped into a pa. ducth quit. that i got at ladyfingers quilt shop. also from there the big beautiful  bug the middle is a table top quilt pin to some other quilts there has been more but there x-mas gifts. i hope your all having a great weekend.

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