Thursday, August 23, 2012

I have to tell you it has been a very sad but wonderful mouth. I've been busy finishing  quilts for N.Y. . In the mist of cranking out  quilts measuring and tagging them we had gotten a call that john's mom had taken a turn  for the worst. and past away. John was able to she her at the end. . as this was the 20th.anv. of my moms death it was sad. . my heart is with john and his sisters and brothers. My father in law is a very strong man but this has been very hard to bear.. the funeral was mon. and i left weds. for bacon hill. My sisters and i where hosting a sale for the Bacon hill cemetery. we sold almost every thing. My moms spirit was with us. she was a great quilter. The first customers had some of moms quilts . you would think with so much sadness it would have depressing but i think of the week as a history lesson . here is a picture of my sisters and i. yup that's me on the tractor.. and Brenda's poor doggy molly hiding out . i love the flag quilt and we have to make another for myself. last but not least mizz chicky. making kits at quilt makers cottage. . i have sew now because i'm out of quilts.