Sunday, December 16, 2012

where does the  time go.  my sister reminded me its ten years today since her house burn down. ten years wonder if the family's in CT. will feel that way . i can not understand taken someone else life . reading some responses to this . a comet was made about god .  what bothers me is god is no longer allowed in our school but when things happen  we turn to god for comfort. i believe god and country should be brought back  to schools. i stopping here with  this. i heart is breaking for the family's. on to guilty stuff I've been putting alone on projects i made owl pincushions. and finished a little Halloween quilt. then jumped into a pa. ducth quit. that i got at ladyfingers quilt shop. also from there the big beautiful  bug the middle is a table top quilt pin to some other quilts there has been more but there x-mas gifts. i hope your all having a great weekend.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

catch uo.

I had a bag of pink pieces left over from breast cancer quilts for about 4 years now and needed to do something with then . I've had  the watermelon pincushion on the back burner for  awhile. On my last trip to NY we stepped in many quilt shops one of the patterns i bought was kiddy purses. i love the silliness of them. I'm very behind on a few baby quilts. Isn't the bright owls cute. The last picture is of a friends shower curtain she wanted quilted. what are you working on.?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

barn yard.

I sew enjoyed  makeing my purple cow,I was going threw a sewing slump   What a great turn around to help me, Who wouldn't smile at this .While working  my cow i finish 4 johnny deere quilts for  my cousin.

Monday, October 1, 2012

It seem's like forever since i last blog. There a top i've been puttering on  Brian needs a bigger quilt. Where did Aug. and Sept go. I'm looking forward to this week Rose anne is coming for a visit, we have a retreat and ufo day with Quiltmakers Cottage. Today i have a dentist appt. then some running. what has every one been sewing.?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm sew blue. no no not really. But i an digging the blue quilts .I have seen the Nearly Insane quilt on blogs and i am jumping on the band wagon. i want to do one. . i think first i'm taking a nap. Rex is wearing in out. . What are you working on this weekend.?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I have to tell you it has been a very sad but wonderful mouth. I've been busy finishing  quilts for N.Y. . In the mist of cranking out  quilts measuring and tagging them we had gotten a call that john's mom had taken a turn  for the worst. and past away. John was able to she her at the end. . as this was the 20th.anv. of my moms death it was sad. . my heart is with john and his sisters and brothers. My father in law is a very strong man but this has been very hard to bear.. the funeral was mon. and i left weds. for bacon hill. My sisters and i where hosting a sale for the Bacon hill cemetery. we sold almost every thing. My moms spirit was with us. she was a great quilter. The first customers had some of moms quilts . you would think with so much sadness it would have depressing but i think of the week as a history lesson . here is a picture of my sisters and i. yup that's me on the tractor.. and Brenda's poor doggy molly hiding out . i love the flag quilt and we have to make another for myself. last but not least mizz chicky. making kits at quilt makers cottage. . i have sew now because i'm out of quilts.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I wanted to show you some eye candy. QUITMAKERS  COTTAGE is almost ready for the show. I took a little looky. Cathy was making some kits for pin cushions and needle cases. i want me some of them. Rosemarie is hunkered down  doing something.  look at the yummy bright fabric and quilts. And there was oh sew cute baby blankets, x-mas quilts trees. i do believe there's some civil war treasures.the baskets hold more treasures. This was one sweet treat to visit. If you get the chance be sure to stop in . follow 422 to the sweet shop. P.S do you think Cathy was thinking get out of my face lynn .;)

just a few updates to b.h. c a.  2 queen sis4e darks  , 4 light lap size.and  a summer throw. i am raffling to quilters baskets. after looking at my quilts i think i'm gonna rename my self  9-patch nelle. lol

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello,  Mybad. i read the blogs but don't one so hear is some back log. I've been to bacon hill and back went to to Gettysburg's where i had a quiet  panic attack in the wonderful  pub. the meal was sew good . went on a road trip to Ladyfingers quilt shop, Wooden Bridge quilt shop, Instiches quilt shop. in PA. Gloversville quilt shop, Peggy's quilt shop in new york. Had my first white Russian  and my last!!!!!!!!!!!!!. visited Rose Anne. and now I'm building log cabins. whats every doing.?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I had another delight ufo day hosted by QUILTMAKERS COTTAGE. thanks to the ladies. all the girls where working on neat stuff . oh no whens the next one. ? last week i went to a sale with rose anne and got are you ready. DINO FEET.  lol Gracie's is going to just die with excitement. the last picture is of an up coming  class.  happy sewing ,Lynn

Sunday, May 20, 2012

what a busy week this was. i had something going on every day. QUILTMAKERS COTTAGE. has been running ufo days every wed's. i have enjoyed them and finished some ufo's. friday rose anne wanted to go to lancaster for a costume sale. i got big feet how funny. sat. i stayed home to sew. big happy smile.  these are a few projects i'm working on. if your reading this hi emmy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quiltmakers Cottage: Today we are starting a Quiltmakers Cottage Blog!...

Quiltmakers Cottage: Today we are starting a Quiltmakers Cottage Blog!
: Today we are starting a Quiltmakers Cottage Blog! A blog is a commitment of sorts - it only works if we update it on a regular basis.  Time...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the bacon hill quilting has begun. i need a bigger rex the dog was over today eating everything. goofy dog. i tried to tell him i needed to quilt and he wasn't having anything but his way.