Saturday, November 24, 2012

catch uo.

I had a bag of pink pieces left over from breast cancer quilts for about 4 years now and needed to do something with then . I've had  the watermelon pincushion on the back burner for  awhile. On my last trip to NY we stepped in many quilt shops one of the patterns i bought was kiddy purses. i love the silliness of them. I'm very behind on a few baby quilts. Isn't the bright owls cute. The last picture is of a friends shower curtain she wanted quilted. what are you working on.?

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Emmy said...

Fabulous and whimsy, surpassing other pincushions I have seen portrayed as an intoxicating must: more than ever, "Lynn's Obsession" has failed to deny an iconoclast like envy of journalizing by the piecing together of altruistic thrusts into the deep dark unknowables of the ventricies of circles and dark masts of misty ships that sail the dark harbor where we must utterly arrive at a home where our heads and hearts must reach a furnace of trust and love and inevitable truisms. Your sweetest venture yet, young Lynn! And of course, a twixt of madness.